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Artificial Intelligence Linguistics

ai.lin® is a new generation Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform that uses artificial intelligence technologies in linguistics. It is your digital solution in environments where you need communication in natural language.

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Provides the correct understanding of natural language in different languages and appropriate answers.

Learns to adapt to living and changing language and uses what they learn in communication.

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Thanks to ai.lin
all components of Natural Language Processing (NLP) on one platform

ai.lin uses artifical intelligence technologies for both Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). It offers a useful Natural Language Interface (NLI) for fast and interactive learning. You use a single platform for data entry, training, scenario creation, interactive tests and integrations.

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Natural Language Generation

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Natural Language Understanding

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Natural Language Interface

Keep in touch with your customers and business partners around the world 24/7 using the advantages of Natural Language

Increase your sales with digital assistants will represent your brand's vision on a global scale and take your service quality to higher levels. Understand the ''natural language'' of your customers with sympathetic digital employees who have different speaking styles according to the demographic characteristics of your customers.

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Next generation digital communication with ai.lin

Increase your sales with your digital sales representatives who create interactive dialogues instead of sterotypes.

Create your digital support teams that offer the fastest solution in your communication channels.

Easily integrate the advantages of natural language into all your systems and 3rd party applications.

Eliminate communication problems caused by differences between written and spoken language.

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Natural Language Solutions in Communication

Communication requirements may vary not only by sectors, but also by businesses, and even by product and service types. The increase in service quality depends on the success of communication, an the success of communication depends on the successful use of natural language. ai.lin offers the solutions needed in natural language processing, independent of the sector, product and service, on a single platform.



Increasing customer satisfaction in digital banking transactions is based on understanding the customer and providing solutions in the fastest way possible.



Understanding the needs of the customers correctly and producing fast solutions in e-commerce channels will enable you to acquire loyal customers.

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Uninterrupted and fast communication is needed to reduce the cost and time to access services in health consultancy, appointment, follow-up, laboratory results and payment transactions.


You can use artificial intelligence technology to provide quick solutions to your customers in different processes of travel services such as accommodation, reservation, ticket sales, check-in, car rental, change and cancellation.



It is possible to easily integrate your operators, customers or stakeholders into your processes such as ordering, production, packaging, and logistics through communication in natural langugage.



In addition to the educational services offered to the student, you can use artificial intelligence technologies to provide fast and complementary services in administrative, academic and parent communication.

Experience Ai.lin's abilities for yourself!

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