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Increasing internet speed, widespread use of smart phones and diversity in payment methods enable e-commerce to be used by a wider audience day by day. Approximately 38% of the world's population is shopping online. This rate exceeds 70% in some countries. Companies that bring their products and services to their customers on digital platforms are in an effort to improve their processes so that their customers can make their shopping in the fastest way possible and are satisfied at the highest level.

The success of your communication is very important in all processes such as product selection, order, payment, shipping, after-sales support and measurement of satisfaction since your customer's arrival at your e-commerce store. In all of your e-commerce processes, understanding your customers' needs correctly and producing quick solutions will enable you to increase the quality of your service and customer loyalty.

Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

ai.lin uses artificial intelligence technology to understand the customer in natural language and to provide fast solutions in e-commerce processes. Unlike existing methods, it offers a digital communication experience which is the nearest to human-human communication by using new generation artificial intelligence algorithms instead of similarity or rule-based language processing.

Interactive Dialogue

ai.lin is more than just a chatbot, allowing your digital assistant to provide suggestions like a real customer representative. It helps you improve your service quality by remembering the history of a dialogue initiated on e-commerce stores.

Multichannel Digital Communication

With ai.lin, you can give your customers a new generation digital communication experience using different channels such as web, mobile, call center, social media and chat platforms. You can create different speech styles and dialogue scenarios according to the demographic characteristics of your customers.

Perfect Harmony for Natural Language Usage

e-commerce ai.lin

ai.lin understands the daily usage made with typographical errors, abbreviations, idioms, different and mixed data contents (currency, date, numerical values, measurement units etc.) and enables you to provide uninterrupted communication experience to your customers.

ai.lin e-commerce solutions
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