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Billions of people travel every year for business, tourism, health and education. All trips, short or long, can often turn into a complex equation. This equation includes service providers such as airlines, intercity bus companies, railway companies, car rental offices, public transport agencies, hotels, tourism agencies and museums. On the other hand, there are various platforms for users who want to access these services at the most affordable price as well. In such an ecosystem, competition is also tough. Businesses that provide the fastest and highest quality service to their customers provide a great advantage in acquiring permanent customers. Providing fast and quality service is only possible with a complete and accurate understanding of customer needs and a unique communication experience.

Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

ai.lin digital travel solutions

ai.lin uses artificial intelligence technology to provide quick solutions to your customers in different processes of travel services such as accommodation, reservation, ticket sales, check-in, car rental, change and cancellation. Unlike existing methods, it offers a digital communication experience which is the nearest to human-human communication by using new generation artificial intelligence algorithms instead of similarity or rule-based language processing.

Interactive Dialogue

ai.lin is more than just a chatbot, allowing your digital assistant to provide suggestions like a real travel consultant. Allows you to create complementary solutions in travel services by remembering the history of an initiated dialogue.

Multichannel Digital Communication

With ai.lin, you can give your customers a new generation digital communication experience using different channels such as web, mobile, call center, social media and chat platforms. You can provide your customer to access needed travel services faster according to the demographic characteristics.

ai chatbot

Perfect Harmony for Natural Language Usage

ai.lin understands the daily usage made with typographical errors, abbreviations, idioms, different and mixed data contents (currency, date, numerical values, measurement units etc.) and enables you to provide uninterrupted communication experience to your customers.

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