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It is very important for your operators to communicate in natural language with the robots used in the production facilities transformed with Industry 4.0 so that your production speed is not interrupted. In the near future, your customers will have direct communication with your production robots. Integration of your operator, customer or stakeholders into your processes such as order, production, packaging and logistics is only possible in natural language.

ai.lin industry solutions

Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

ai.lin enables human-machine interaction in production facilities through natural language. ai.lin helps your production processes to continue uninterrupted with its new generation artificial intelligence algorithms.

Interactive Dialogue

With ai.lin, your robots communicate with your operators in natural language by following the steps in the production process. It provides guidance and suggestions for improving processes and preventing mistakes and occupational accidents.


You can integrate with other systems used in facilities based on Web API and Socket. In this way, you can transfer customized control and routing processes to your operators with ai.lin by feeding from the integrated systems.

ai.lin solutions

Perfect Harmony for Natural Language Usage

ai.lin understands the daily usage made with typographical errors, abbreviations, idioms, different and mixed data contents (currency, date, numerical values, measurement units etc.) allows your operators to work with robots much faster.

Experience ai.lin solutions in your industrial activities!

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