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The advantages provided by technology are also frequently used in healthcare services. In addition to many health services, additional services such as appointment, control, laboratory results and payment transactions are also provided online. In all of these services, uninterrupted and fast communication is required in order to reduce the costs, decrease the access time to the service and increase the user satisfaction.

ai.lin digital health solutions

Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

ai.lin uses artificial intelligence technology to understand the customer in natural language and to provide fast solutions in healthcare services. Unlike existing methods, it offers a digital communication experience which is the nearest to human-human communication by using new generation artificial intelligence algorithms instead of similarity or rule-based language processing.

Interactive Dialogue

ai.lin offers much more than a chatbot, allowing your digital assistant to give directions like a real health assistant. Allows you to create complementary solutions in healthcare by remembering the history of an initiated dialogue.

Multichannel Digital Communication

ai.lin digital doctor

With ai.lin, you can give your customers a new generation digital communication experience using different channels such as web, mobile, call center, social media and chat platforms. By communicating with your patients according to their demographic characteristics, you can enable them to access health services faster.

Perfect Harmony for Natural Language Usage

ai.lin understands the daily usage made with typographical errors, abbreviations, idioms, different and mixed data contents (currency, date, numerical values, measurement units etc.) and enables you to provide uninterrupted communication experience to your patients.

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