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ai.lin understands you

Understands you and offers a real dialogue experience, rather than giving limited and stereotyped answers.

Digital Communication Assistant

  • Get digital assistants (chatbot) on your website that welcome your visitors in the most natural way and provide an excellent chat experience.

  • Use the advantages of Natural Language to continue to talk to your customers and business partners 24/7 around the world.

  • Create digital communication assistants that can represent your brand in real and virtual environments.

Digital Sales Representative

  • Increase your sales potential with your digital sales representatives who create interactive dialogues.

  • Create engaging digital employees with different speaking styles based on the demographic characteristics of your customers.

Remote Support

  • Create your digital support teams (chatbot team) that offer the fastest solution for your customers coming from different channels such as web page, mobile application and social media.

Digital Transformation

  • Easily integrate the advantages of natural language into all your systems and 3rd party applications.

  • Perfect your digital transformation with the next-generation artificial intelligence platform that provides continuous service.

  • Make sure that your robots and machines work in full harmony with your employees who use natural language.

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