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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Communication

Offers the closest communication experience to natural language by using new generation artificial intelligence methods.

It is not similarity and rule based.

Interactive Learning

  • ai.lin learns to adapt to living and changing language and uses what it learns in communication.

  • It creates custom comprehension models easily and quickly.

Fast Access

Multi Channel Support

  • It enables scenarios to be produced in the dialogue interface.

  • With the drag and drop method, you can create dialogue scenarios without coding.

  • It can produce different responses in dialogues in different channels.

  • Different speech styles and dialogue scenarios can be operated according to the demographic characteristics of your customers

  • It can give countless different answers to the same question.


  • Integration with other platforms is easily done using Web API and Socket.

  • It can create customized dialogues by feeding from integrated systems.

Enhanced Dialogues

  • In addition to the text in the dialogue, it creates enriched posts that support expression such as emoji and pictures.
  • It can understand of enriched shares.

Interactive Dialogues

  • It can create predefined buttons within the conversation.
  • It allows the user to continue the process with a simple click.

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It changes the flow of the conversation according to the flow of the dialogue and the conversation history.

Constantly updates the training library by improving dialogues.

Remembers the conversation history and produces appropriate responses.

Experience Ai.lin's abilities for yourself!

Request demo and the ai.lin team will contact you within 24 hours!

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